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Quickbooks For MAC Discontinued

QuickBooks Software provides bookkeeping services to its users to make it easier for them to understand advanced Accounting.  Recently, Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping has been introduced by Intuit that avails users of the benefit to connect with certified Bookkeepers from across the World. In Order to get this service, the user will be required to avail of the monthly subscription of Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping service.Quickbooks Live BookkeepingImportance of Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping in Business

The Experienced Bookkeepers in the Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping services helps the users to maintain their books properly and ensure the records are updated properly in Bookkeeping. It will help the user in building confidence and he will be able to focus on different operations of the business. the Bookkeeping service is convenient for small businesses to grow their businesses. It will allow them to keep their focus on multiple factors that can affect the growth of the business. Hence, It is a must to avail of the Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping service for your business.

Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping service for Small Businesses

The Bookkeeping service will be useful in maintaining the Bookkeeping record only. the feature will not provide the Payroll support. Along with this, For Quickbooks Users and people who have their own business, this feature can be useful to manage the Bookkeeping of your business properly. Ithe Quickbooks accounting software is designed for both mac and windows However Quickbooks for mac discontinued by intuit. Quickbooks Online is the best alternative for mac users.

Technical Assistance on Live Chat

Once you will subscribe to the Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping service then you can get live assistance from the Bookkeeping experts for any kind of issue. you can avail the On-demand assistance by sending your query to the experts. You can also use the Screen share or Video option if you are the owner of the business to get quick chat assistance from the experts. you can avail of the technical assistance from the experts till 1 year from the subscription date. you will be needed to simply report your issue to the experts and they will help you maintain the Bookkeeping efficiently.

What are the Advantages of Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping?

If you wish to know about the benefits of subscribing the live Bookkeeping service of the Quickbooks Software then read these points below:

  • the service allows you to maintain the appointments and meeting with different bookkeepers.
  • You will get assistance for operations like Bank Reconciliations, transaction records, and Book management from the experience virtual bookkeeping.
  • The reports and books will be reviewed and corrected by certified experts.
  • In order to understand the patter of the business, the experts will provide some customized reports as well.

Steps to Contact Live Bookkeepers

Contact Live Bookkeepers

After subscribing to the Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping services, Now you can get live assistance from the certified bookkeepers to manage your books efficiently. If you don’t know how you can contact the Live bookkeepers then you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Quickbooks Software and then go to the QuickBooks Live bookkeeping service window. 
  • now click on the menu option and choose the option that says “Schedule my appointment”.
  • After this, enter the required information and the preferred time for the assistance.
  • Click on Ok and the confirmation message will be displayed on the screen.
  • If you want to send you a query to the Experts via message then click on the menu and choose the message option.
  • Now enter your message on the chat screen to get live assistance from the bookkeeping experts.

So this way you can activate and use the Quickbooks Live Bookkeeping service. If you are a business owner or you have a startup then it is a must to keep your business running properly. this service will help you in maintaining your books properly and allow you some time to focus on different aspects of the business. 

In case, You need to merge Quickbooks Files then you can use the Combined report feature of the Quickbooks enterprise software to merge two different Company files successfully. In Case, You need some help then you can get live assistance from the experts at Quickbooks.