Quickbooks Online Bill Pay Service

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Quickbooks For MAC Discontinued

Quickbooks is en-riched with various features that allow users to manage the operations of the business with Ease. Intuit has introduced its first-ever integration service in Collaboration with the Bill.com that will offer to manage the cash flow in the business. this service has been introduced to track all the incoming and outgoing payments in the business in one place. the single dashboard screen will offer the user to keep an eye on the complete cash flow in the business for proper analysis.

Quickbooks Online Bill pay service

The Integrated feature in Quickbooks Online version will provide a new way to track the financial operations of the business in a more convenient way. however, it has been launched as a Beta version to understand the services and usage of the feature. the main purpose behind introducing this feature is to provide a more convenient way for the users to pay and manage online bills.

If you have been using Quickbooks For Mac and need to transfer it to windows, then make sure to keep a backup of the company file before transferring Quickbooks for Mac to windows to avoid any kind of data loss. You need to simply restore the backup of the Company file in the Windows desktop to perform a successful transfer.

Quickbooks Online pay Service Working

Online Bill Pay in QuickBooks Desktop

The Quickbooks Online Pay service works on ACH and Master Card RPS Network to process transactions electronically with the bank and the customer. the transactions will be processed based on your specified date. However, if the receiver is not able to process the money electronically then he will be sent check via email. This feature will allow you to keep a record of the transaction on both the side. On the receiver end, the user can check the transaction history at the check payment records window. whenever a payment will be made the records will be updated accordingly. Hence, the User is not required to wait for payment recording.

Introduction of Quickbooks Pay Bill Application

In order to make the best use of it, you must know about some of the features of this application.

  •  Updating the Records for Payment Processing
  • Sending Reminders or Invitation to the Vendors for Payment

Different Modes of Payment

The payment method is based on how much time it will take to deliver. Here we will have a look at the types of payments and their description.

Automated Clearing House(ACH)

For the first 5 payment of $5000 or less, it will take around 4 days to deliver the payment. after processing the first 5 payment, you will be able to receive the payments in span of 2 days. you can check the status of the payment using arrive by button.


In this method, Vendors will receive a Paper check through the postal services. this method is used when the receiver is not able to accept the payment electronically. you can check the estimated time using the estimated time button on the app. If due to any reasons, the postal service is taking more time then estimated then intuit won’t interfere.

In case the Amount is more than $5000, it will take one extra day from the estimated time. The intuit policy allows users to schedule their payments themselves and an extra surcharge will be added based on the policies of the user’s bank. Hence, users must know about the policies of their banks.

Charges Applied By Quickbooks Bill Pay Service

while making payments using the Quickbooks bill pay service, some regular charges will be levied on the transaction like monthly subscription charges depending upon the method of the payment type. If you are using the ACH payment method then charges will be levied based on the transaction amount. If you wish to know about these charges then you can go through the credit/debit card records to know about the levied charges on a particular payment.

Quickbooks Bill Pay Service

Existing Bill.com Account

If you have an existing Bill.com account then you will be required to create a new account in order to access the Quickbooks Online bill pay service. If you have an old account on Bill.com and it is synced with Quickbooks then you can deactivate or Dlink that account. you can deactivate or Dlink your account by logging into bill.com.

so this was all about the Quickbooks bill pay service. the integration of this feature with Quickbooks will offer a more precise and accurate way to process payments online in Quickbooks. you can create a bill.com account and then sync it with Quickbooks account to access this feature. If you have been getting issues while using this Quickbooks feature then you can get assistance from the experts at Quickbooks.