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In order to run a successful and sustainable business, you need the best accounting software to manage the financial task accurately. Time-saving and effective accounting software is required that offers ultimate accounting features to manage your financial data in a precise way. One of the best accounting software which is available in the market is Quickbooks. It offers an extensible accounting feature to manage your business with accuracy. This software is designed completely to manage all the accounting needs of the business including payroll. Inventory management, etc. there are various versions of Quickbooks are available that are Mac, Pro, Enterprise, Online, etc. so we will continue with the Quickbooks Online to know more about it. If you have QBO then you need to be aware of these functionalities and features to make better use of it.              Quickbooks online

Quickbooks Online- Introduction

With Quickbooks Online, you can manage the accounting details of your business from whenever and wherever you want. This accounting software can be used be Bookkeepers, Small accounting firms, freelancers, etc. to manage their financial transactions. It was introduced in 2004 and if you are looking for a reliable tool then Quickbooks Online can be the best option. Based on the data it can also create reports for monitoring purposes. Hence the Online feature can be really helpful to grow your business from anywhere in the world.

Here are some features of Quickbooks Online:

  • User & Permission: Quickbooks Online is limited to 10 users only. Additional user licenses for Quickbooks Pro will cost $299. 
  • Usability:  The Quickbooks Online Accounting software is more user-friendly than the Quickbooks Pro version. The in-built help button will make it easier to better understand the tool. 
  • Mobile Apps: The Quickbooks Online version is accessible on mobile apps on both android and ios. you can easily access your data on mobile devices to manage all the transactions in a more convenient way.

Feature of Quickbooks

  • Third-party Integration: you will find numerous useful third-party services and add-on products at QBO. this will help you to manage your already used business programs. 
  • Sales View: It will give you an overview of all the activities of the sales team along with shortcut features to create a new sale or invoice.
  • Dashboard: At Dashboard you will be able to track all the accounting information of your business with charts for bank accounts, invoices, expenses, etc. With the “See All activity” you will be able to audit all your financial data.


  • Expense Tracking: With the intuitive expense tracking feature you can make custom bank rules, include receipts and categorize expenses to manage the expense.
  • Project management: The project management feature the Quickbooks Online will allow you to manage and track the record of your team, tasks, and operations easily. With this, you can access the reports and analyze all the transactions.  
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Perks Of Quickbooks Online:

  • The automation features make it more convenient to create and record the billing process. 
  • The accounting software can manage to send invoices and statements automatically to the customers. 
  • With more secure and effective payment gateways, you can also receive payment from Credit cards and ACH electronic medium too.
  • QB online can automatically fetch payments and purchase transactions. 
  • The automatic backup features make it the most convenient accounting software for the users. 

If you are new with Quickbooks Online then there are multiple sources available through which you can learn about how to use Quickbooks online Effectively. Some of the sources are listed below: 

  • QBO Blog
  • Intuit Academy
  • QCC(Quickbooks Connect Conference)
  • Quickbopedia

Hence if you are looking for complete accounting software then Quickbooks online can be the best choice. Online features are one of the reasons for its immense popularity. However, we have discussed above some basic features and functionalities of the Quickbooks online which is necessary if you are working or from an accounting firm. If you have any queries then you can contact the Quickbooks expert team for a consultation.