How To Fix Quickbooks Overflow Error

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If any of your Quickbooks Accounts will exceed the value allocated to it then the Quickbooks Overflow Error can occur. you will encounter this error when you will try opening the account charts where the balance sheets will not reflect any amount. instead, it will show the Quickbooks Overflow Error message. This can affect the processing speed of the Quickbooks and can affect the workflow of your business. hence proper measures are required in order to fix this Quickbooks Error.

Detect Overflow using the MS-Excel

Reason Behind Quickbooks Overflow Error

Here we have listed below some of the reasons that can cause the Quickbooks Overflow error. you can learn about these causes in order to avoid this error in the future.

  • if the balance in your account is greater then $ 9,999,999,999.99 in Quickbooks desktop then you will get the Quickbooks Overflow error while checking the balance sheet.
  • the transaction data of your company file gets corrupted.
  • while converting a large quantity in a group to another large quantity then you may encounter the Quickbooks Overflow error.
  • there is a mismatch between the inventory items and a number of items.
  • while copying a document in the Quickbooks the format you have selected is not acceptable.

Follow steps to fix Quickbooks overflow Error

Sol-1: Balance Field Value Exceeded

  • Here you need to follow the troubleshooting methods to fix the damaged data.
  • Now, first of all, create a New Portable Company File and restore this company file to “New Working”.
  • Now check the chart of accounts with the following method:
    • open the chart of accounts
    • Now search for the account with the balance of 10,000,000,000,000 or more from the list menu.
    • try to deduct some amount to reduce the balance to avoid this error.
    • if you are still facing this error then you need to proceed to the next step.
  • Memorized Reports
    • Now run the reports from the menu and check whether you are getting Quickbooks Overflow error in the memorized reports.
    • If the report is not reflecting Overflow then recreate the memorized report again and delete the existing one.
    • Now if the new reports show the Overflow error then follow the steps below
  • have a look at all the list which shows any total or value.
  • mark the value as “Inactive items” while going through the list.
  • now click on the add/edit multiple entries from the list menu.
  • select any column that holds amount like credit limit, cost, etc. and customize it.
  • now look for the overflow in these columns and then modify the amount.
  • now make sure to have a look at all the lists.
  • If you have the latest Quickbooks version the click on “Search Look For Overflow”.
  • Locate the “List Elements” and then check the transactions.
  • Once you find out the amount and edit it and then click on “Verify it” and wait until the message disappears.


Sol-2: Repair the transactions

If you are getting this Quickbooks Error then the damaged transactions can be one of the reasons also. here we have described below some of the methods that can help you to troubleshoot this error.

  • You need to run all the financial reports which include the customer transaction detail, sales, customer sales reports, and other reports until you can find out the overflow.
  • Now you will be required to locate the transaction by Quickzoom the overflow.
  • When you find out the transaction then fix the transaction.

Sol- 3: Data File 

  • Open the Quickbooks software and go to the File menu and open the utilities.
  • after this click on rebuild data.


  • Click on Ok when you get a warning message to take the backup of the existing data.
  • after clicking Ok, you might get this message “Quickbooks not responding”
  • wait until you get this message on your screen “Rebuild is complete”.
  • now click on OK to apply the changes.

Sol- 4: One Item Overflow

  • If you are getting overflow in a new item then just delete and recreate it again.
  • while if its an old item then you will be required to detect the transaction that is causing an overflow.
  • Now correct that transaction.
  • but if you are unable to locate the overflow transaction then just enter “adjust the quantity on hand document to adjust the average cost”.

Sol – 5 Detect Overflow using the MS-Excel

Overflow MS-Excel


  • firstly filter the list based on year/month to detect the overflow item.
  • now export the list on your desktop.
  • Now minimize the Quickbooks and right-click on the Export.
  • now go to open the file with excel.
  • after the list is opened, press ctrl+f and enter “Overflow”.
  • Click on next.
  • locate the data and modify the account, item or name that is being found and import it again into Quickbooks.
  • If you are still getting this error then you can repeat this step again.

Sol- 6: Group Item Overflowing

  • open the Quickbooks and set Group Item value to “zero”.
  • now enter the tab out of the field and enter the correct value to “Group Item”.

We are hoping that you will be able to resolve the Quickbooks Overflow error with these solutions mentioned above. if you are still getting this issue or any kind of error then you can take assistance from the team of Experts at Quickbooks Community.