Quickbooks POS Financial Exchange Error

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Quickbooks Stands in the list of Finest Accounting software that can help you in handling your business perfectly. the advanced Quickbooks features allow you to maintain your financial records and needs perfectly. Quickbooks POS is the finest accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. it offers you to ensure your business activities like sales and inventory management are working perfectly fine.

Financial History

However, there are some issues that Quickbooks users may encounter. one such kind of error is the Quickbooks POS financial exchange error. this error can cause due to the synchronization issue between two software. hence proper measures are required to be taken to resolve this issue.

About Quickbooks POS Financial Exchange Error

The Quickbooks Financial Exchange software is designed to manage all your financial data accurately. In order to manage the data efficiently, two software needs to exchange data. this results in low pressure and helps to manage the Quickbooks Point of Sales operations. this helps you to migrate your data directly without entering the information again n again.

However, some users have encountered an error while opening the “inventory report” with an error message that says “No Money Displayed in the inventory Assets”.

Causes of Quickbooks POS Financial Exchange Error

We have listed below some of the primary reasons that can cause the Quickbooks Error. you need to learn about these reasons in order to fix the error.

  • This issue can cause due to damaged or corrupted log files. it can be one of the reasons. 
  • You can also get this error due to mapped accounts. you can fix this b verifying the “Default mapping account set up in a file” by going to file > preferences > Company > Accounts.

Quickbooks POS socket error 10060

Fixes of Quickbooks POS Financial Exchange Error

Sol-1: Ensure to check the Activity Log

  • Open the Quickbooks software and open the activity log.
  • Now open financial center. 
  • while opening financial center if you are not getting any kind of error then it means the issue is resolved.

Sol-2: Mapping Account Announcement 

  • Open the Accounting software and click on the file menu.
  • now go to preferences and select the company file name.
  • now handle the accounts.
  • Now crosscheck with the settings.

Sol-3: Quickbooks Version 5

  • Open the POS software.
  • open the sales history and click on the receipt that is causing the error.
  • Now select the document to mark it and then click on Ok.

Sol-4: Quickbooks Version 6 and 10

  • Note down the receipt number from the error message.
  • Scan the complete sales history.
  • check the reciept from the list of error.
  • now select on “I want to” and click on Financial history.
  • Click on “Mark document” and Ok to apply the changes.

Sol-5: if you are still facing this issue then use these methods

  • Open the purchasing and openf History tab.
  • select the “Among on Vouchers ” and select “I want to” option.
  • Now click on “Show Financial Details”.

Here are some of the ways through which you can troubleshoot the Quickbooks POS financial exchange error. Even after these solutions if its not getting resolved then you can ask for assistance from the Experts at Quickbooks.