Quickbooks Remote-Access Feature

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The Quickbooks software has been used by small and medium-sized businesses all across the globe.it is one of the finest accounting tools for businesses with all its functionalities, features and usability it has managed its reputation since 3 decades. the Quickbooks versions are introduced to help businesses to resolve all the accounting issues and manage the financial transactions. However, Quickbooks has gained its popularity because of its user-friendly interface and usage. In this blog, we will learn about some of the benefits of Quickbooks remote Access feature and how you can use it.

Quickbooks Remote Access

What is Quickbooks Remote Access

This feature of Quickbooks allows you to access your computer on another computer. it will allow you to share files and folders from one computer to another and you can access your mails, documents, and data from anywhere around the world. the Quickbooks remote access is basically a remote server that can be used to access your PC from another computer. even if you have a mobile then you can get Quickbooks Online Mobile app to access all the features of Quickbooks on your mobile.

Quickbooks Remote Access Benefits

Quickbooks Remote Access

Here is the list of benefits of Quickbooks remote access features. have a look at them to know more about this Quickbooks Feature.

  • you will be able to make a print from your local printer. you can give the command for printing using the remote PC.
  • In both local and remote PCs, you can use Copy and paste options.
  • Quickbooks remote access feature will allow you to share files and folders between the computers easily.
  • Multiple users can use the company file simultaneously on quickbooks.
  • it will save a lot of your cost for say infrastructure and traveling cost for the accountants.
  • With this, now the clients and managers can track the performance of the accountant whenever they want.

you can connect the Quickbooks remote access tool to any computer where you have installed the Quickbooks Desktop.

Cost of Quickbooks Remote Access

The Quickbooks remote access tool comes in two variants. so if you want to access the Quickbooks software remotely then you have to pay for it and select the version you want.

  • Quickbooks Access ($3.95/month)
  • Full-Desktop Access ($7.75/month)

Remote Access on Quickbooks

here are the list of options that Intuit provides to support the Quickbooks remote access feature.

  • You can use the Quickbooks Online version.
  • You can host the Quickbooks on the cloud.
  • a tool to access the Quickbooks software remotely.

How to Use Quickbooks Remote Access

Quickbooks Remote Access

  • In order to access the Quickbooks remote access, you have to open the browser and go to the official website of Intuit.
  • Now you will be required to sign up for the Quickbooks remote access on the Intuit website.
  • after this, you have to log in to your account using the login credentials. make sure to open the browser into the computer from where you want to access the Quickbooks remotely before logging In.
  • After this, click on the “Setup Computer” option on the windows screen to download the Quickbooks remote access tool.
  • now you have to enter a name and then click on the Next option.
  • hence whenever you are trying to access the Quickbooks software remotely, you have to checkmark one of the options before logging in. the options you will get are “Disable mouse and keyboard of the computer”, Use Full-screen view”, “Automatically reduce screen resolution, and “Make Computer’s Screen Blank:
  • after this, mark the application checkmark if you want to access Quickbooks remotely on this computer. If you want to access only the Quickbooks software then select it and then click on Next.
  • Now in order to verify that you are accessing the Quickbooks software remotely authentically, you have to checkmark the box after the authentication option. after this, you will get a passcode which you have to enter. the Passcode will allow you to access the Quickbooks software remotely by entering the website. you may have to provide you one number to get the passcode. after this, the tech team will contact you with the help of your phone number. after this, you have to provide the access code and then click on Finish to complete the Set-Up.
  • start your remote computer and open the browser.
  • now go to the remote website and enter your credentials to log in into your account.
  • now click on the connect option on the computer screen with nick-name.
  • After this, you will be prompted to enter the passcode you have received on your mobile.
  • Now select from the remote access drop-down list.
  • Click on the End QB Remote access Session.

Hence this is an alternative way through which you can use your Quickbooks software remotely using the Quickbooks Remote access tool. We hope now you are good to use the Quickbooks software remotely from anywhere. However, if you have got any Quickbooks error while using this then you can contact the Quickbook Expert team. they will provide the best possible solution.