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Quickbooks For MAC Discontinued

QuickBooks Software is accounting software, which implies that if a student is doing any accounting or financing course then they can make use of the QuickBooks Software to learn about the automated accounting technology. However, buying accounting software like Quickbooks Can be really huge for a student as they are already burdened with expenses like Student loans, college stuff, etc. Hence, Quickbooks is offering a student Discount service for those students who wish to use Quickbooks Software to learn advanced accounting solutions.

Quickbooks Student Discount

 Buying Quickbooks Software for a student can be really tough as they cannot afford the cost of the software themselves. We all know, Quickbooks is well-known accounting software that is equipped with some advanced accounting features that can be useful for both students and professionals. Hence, the Quickbooks Student discount service is one of the best options for the students who wish to buy this expensive accounting software. In this blog, we will discuss some important points to consider before buying the Quickbooks Software along with the ways through which you can avail the Quickbooks Student discount.

Quickbooks Software comes in different versions and variants depending upon the need of the business. This software is desined for both windows and mac. But QuickBooks for MAC discontinued by intuit and they stated that this product will be the last version available for mac. Hence, before buying the Quickbooks Software, the student must confirm with their teacher or tutor about the version of the Quickbooks Software they should buy. Once you are sure about the version you want to buy then you can ask your tutor how you can avail the Quickbooks Student discount. One of the easiest ways to avail the Quickbooks Student discount is by contacting a university bookstore or a computer store.

If you have tried the above ways but still not able to get the best deal for Quickbooks software then you can contact the different software providers online. You need to browse through various stores to find the software providers that offer the Quickbooks education discount. Mostly, these software providers offer the same version of the Quickbooks Software for different prices and also alter the price of the software frequently. So you need to grab the deal by comparing the prices offered by all the software providers. Once you have chosen the software providers then you can contact them to avail the Quickbooks Student discount. Do you know about negative accounting payable and how to fix negative accounts payable? when your company has paid off more than requirements then you can find negative acccounts payable.

While buying the Quickbooks Software with Student discount make sure to check the legality of the software. many frauds and scam websites are offering pirated software instead of Quickbooks.  If you are not sure where you should get the Quickbooks Student discount then below we listed the list of some software providers where you can check for the best deal.

Student Discounts

Intuit Student Program

If you are looking for any kind of software for teachers and students then this is one of the websites. At Student Discounts, You can get a discount for all kinds of software for teachers, schools, students, etc. for 25 years. Here you can get the Quickbooks Pro 2011 and Quickbooks Premier 2011 for $109.99. Hence, if this fits your budget then you can crack your deal at a Student discount. While making the purchase make sure to collect the license information and product information of the Quickbooks Software to successfully activate the software after installation.


Intuit Education Program

It is a one-stop solution for all kinds of things you want to buy online along with the Quickbooks Software. At JourneyED, you can find music, videos, Mobile, Tablet, Electronics, etc along with the Quickbooks Software at a discounted price. Hence, if you want to buy anything online then you can visit the JourneyED store to get the best deals. Here you can also get the Quickbooks training material which can be used to understand the functioning of the Quickbooks Software. You can buy the Quickbooks accountant 2011 academic version at a reasonable price of $99.95. This version of Quickbooks Software is specially designed to make it useful for students.

Intuit Education Program

The Intuit Education program was introduced to enhance the accounting knowledge and skills of both students and trainers. For students and educators in Canada, The Intuit Education program is totally free for one year. they can avail of the benefits of learning advanced and automated accounting solutions with the following version of the Quickbooks Software.

  • QB online Accountant
  • Quickbooks Desktop
  • Quickbooks Online Plus and Payroll
  • Profile Software
  • Premier Accountant With Payroll

After the subscription of one year expired, they can again register for the Quickbooks Software after one year.

If you are doing your course with an accredited Academic institution, then you can avail of some interesting benefits with Quickbooks. These students can avail a free trial of the Quickbooks Online software for one year and a 5-month free trial of the Quickbooks Desktop. So, If you are studying accounting or finance then this is the best deal to grab.

In order to check eligibility, the students and the educators need to fill a form. You can visit the Quickbooks website to get the Quickbooks Student Discount. this is compulsory for all the students who is studying in school, university, or college. If you are a high school student the educator registration process is necessary to avail the Quickbooks Student discount.

So, If you wish to learn the best and advanced accounting software then you can avail of the Quickbooks Student discount. You will get to learn about the various error and their solution while using the Quickbooks software. One such error is Quickbooks Event Log Error 4 that occurs while working the log transaction in Quickbooks.  If you wish to get any other information related to the Intuit Education program then you can contact the professionals. they will provide you the best guidance regarding the program.