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This is another one of those pesky problems for the Quickbook user. This issue can also be tackled very easily but then not everyone is tech-savvy and they simply start pulling their hair out when the applications of the computer are not working. Quickbooks usually gives this error when the Quickbooks database service user is either not able to access the file location or maybe some settings restricted the access of the file location. The prompt flashes on the screen and it goes like this: “Got Unexpected Error 5 in a call to NetShareGetInfo for Path”. Quickbooks unexpected error 5

There are also other reasons why we can see this error. Maybe the Quickbooks software is not installed properly or maybe a malware has sneaked in our computer through a flash drive. In both of these cases, we will see the unexpected error 5. Other reasons for Quickbooks unexpected error 5 could be because you have deleted system files or some registry entries, unexpected shutdown of systems which could also lead to corrupted systems files. If we talk about another glitch, it can be because while updating payroll that error is Quickbooks error 12031. Now we will talk about the solutions to error 5 and how we can get rid of it. This is not going to be rocket science and we are going to share easy steps so that even a novice user could follow them easily. There can be other different error present in Quickbooks like if you see Quickbooks web connector has stopped working this error is Quickbooks web connector error 1085.

Quickbooks File Doctor

We have talked about this tool when we’re discussing the Quickbooks error 6177. Well, this tool also helps in rectifying error 5.Quickbooks error

  • The first step is to download and install the Quickbooks File Doctor tool from the website
  • Then we go ahead type in the login ID and password to log in with our credentials
  • We have to make sure we choose the host pc or the workstation where the Quicbooks are installed
  • Then we browse to the folder and choose the files that we want to diagnose 
  • File Doctor scans the folder and files of the company directory and resolves and rectifies all the files that are somehow not working.

Full access to Files

One of the reasons that we have discussed above is that users might see this error if they are not able to access the file location. It maybe also possible that there is unrestricted access to files and folder due to administrator policies or Active Directory policies. In that scenario, we have to make sure that we have access to those files and the required permission for Quickbooks to work normally. Here is how we can change the permission of directories;

  • Right click on the required directory
  • We will see the properties option
  • Clicking on the properties we will see a windows popup which will have different options like general, sharing, security
  • We need to click on sharing
  • Once clicked we will see the advanced sharing option
  • Clicking on advanced sharing helps pop up a new window
  • We have to select the share this folder 
  • And then we can set the permissions for this folder
  • We can set permissions for everyone and these are the permission: full control, change, read
  • We will select all the settings that we want and then click on apply and then click on okay
  • With these simple steps, we can provide full access to the files.

Using the Reimage Repair Tool

This is one of the tools that will scan our computer and then goes through all the registry files and entries. After scanning the entries, any file that seems irregular or corrupt or out of shape will be fixed and diagnosed by the reimage repair tool. These are the ways through which you can use the reimage repair tool:

  • Download the reimage repair tool from the website
  • The default location for the downloaded files would be the downloads folder in Windows and it’s been the same for quite a lot of years.
  • Once we see the file we need to double click on the software, agree to the conditions and just follow the dialog boxed and let the installation complete.
  • On the first launch, it will show you the welcome screen and then you just don’t uncheck the automatic scan of the system
  • And reimage tool will start scanning and repairing the files for you
  • Once the scan is complete it will have a list of all the files and registry entries that need to be fixed or diagnosed.
  • And then the last step is to click on the start repair button
  • Reimage will start fixing the files and registries
  • This should hopefully take care of the unexpected error 5

Deleting/Recreating the user

Deleting and recreating the user is also one of the ways through which we can take care of unexpected error 5 issues. These are the steps to follow that we can follow.

Deleting user

  • Open the Quickbook software
  • From the menu bar, we have to click on settings
  • Then we have to click on manage usersQuickbooks error
  • From the list, we have to find the user that we want to delete
  • Then from the Action menu, we will delete the user

Adding user

  • From the settings option click on manage users
  • Then click on add user
  • If we are not able to access these options maybe we don’t have been given the permission by the administrator to add or delete users
  • Then we need to select the type of users that we can add. There are two types of users in Quickbooks:
  • Billable users
  • Accountant users.
  • Then we have to enter the user name and the email address of that user.
  • Then click on save and we have created and added a new user.


If you are seeing the unexpected error 5 while using Quickbooks, you should follow the above steps to get rid of the issue. I hope the solutions provided here work for you and you are able to work on Quickbooks without any hassle.