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In a Survey, when a group of business owners asked what is the best accounting software or on what accounting software they rely on? Many of them have suggested different accounting software but Quickbooks stands among the most desired and recommended accounting software from most of the business owners. many of the business professionals are using a different version of the Quickbooks software.

Quickbooks is one of the finest accounting software across the world. the Quickbooks software is available in the Online and Desktop version. However, Quickbooks Online is a prominent choice of various business owners because of its intuitive features. however, there are still some features that are only available in Quickbooks Desktop Version.

if your business employees with contractors and you pay more than $600 during a tax year to the contractors then you are required to fill 1099- misc online form. you can simply submit the 1099 Form to the IRS.

Quickbooks online

Comparing the different versions of Quickbooks is quite a difficult task as all the versions are designed specifically to perform the desired operations. However, we have tried explaining the version of the Quickbooks software on the basis of its latest updates and features to make it easier for you to choose the best accounting software. If you are looking for a more detailed description then you can contact Quickbooks Experts.

Plans of  Quickbooks Online Version

Entrepreneurs of Business owners, who are using the Quickbooks Desktop Versions have more interest in Quickbooks Online as it offers them to access the Quickbooks Software through their smartphones or tabs. One more that adds to its immense popularity is the Quickbooks Online version is cheaper than Quickbooks Desktop.

Self Employed/ Self-Employed Tax Bundle

Both the Quickbooks Self-employed versions have same features. the Self-employed tax bundle version can have access to all the features of the Self-employed version. the Self-employed tax bundle version will also have the TurboTax installed. the Self-employed version of Quickbooks offers you to manage your personal and business expense easily with a separate tracking. the automatic mileage tracking at the disposal, invoice generation, etc. will eventually increase the Schedule C deductions. the version will also allow you to calculate your taxes quarterly.

Simple Start Feature in Quickbooks


Feature of Quickbooks

the simple start version of Quickbooks Online will have almost all the features of the self-employed version. In the Quickbooks Online version, the “Simple start” an option that can easily track your expense. the feature will automatically download your bills and payments and organize the bank transactions, manage the credit card transactions, Print Paychecks, Import data from Quickbooks File,  and allows two accountants to access the file and also allows integration with other apps. the simple start version will have an automatic backup facility along with security features and access to  20 in-built reports.

Quickbooks Essentials

Quickbooks Essentials

the Quickbooks essentials are the advanced version of the Quickbooks Simple start. it will accumulate all the features of the Simple start version. the Quickbooks Essentials allows up to three users to work simultaneously and you will have access to 40 In-built reports. this version will allow you to compare the profit and sales records with the industry trends.

Along with all these features, the Quickbooks essential package will simplify the accounting process with the automatic billing process, managing all the bills from the vendors, submit or enter bills, payment scheduling feature, accept payments in multiple currencies, and track of billable hours of the customer. the Quickbooks essential is equipped with all the security features along with this it will allow you to track the access of the users. you can easily track the access time of the users in the software.

Quickbooks Plus


Quickbooks Plus

Quickbooks Plus is the most advanced version of the Quickbooks software among all the versions. the Quickbooks plus version allows up to 5 users simultaneously and up to 65 in-built Reports. this Quickbooks version posses all the features of the earlier versions along with an advanced inventory system and analysis feature. there are some premium features that are included in this Quickbooks feature that include filling of 1099 forms, sales tracking, profitability tracking. the Quickbooks Class tracking feature can be used to categorize the expense and income.

Apart from all these features, One premium feature of Quickbooks Plus is Budget. the budget feature in this version will help you to generate a report based on your income and expenses to analyze your future income and expense. the Quickbooks plus version will contain various tools that are more than basic accounting software and these are required especially for a growing small and medium-sized business.

So this was all about all the versions of the Quickbooks software. we have explained to you about all the three versions of the Quickbooks Online. So now you can choose your accounting software based on the features and services that are required in your business. if you still have any query then you can contact experts at Quickbooks. You need to simply report your issue and then will respond to you with the best possible solution.