Quickbooks Vs Xero

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Quickbooks and Xero are two of the finest cloud accounting software across the world. However, both these Softwares offer similar services and features that make it quite complicated to select the best accounting software around.  Because of lots of similarities among the features, it can be very confusing while choosing the accounting software for your business. Hence, In this blog, we will explain to you in detail about what should be your requirements while selecting the accounting software. Make sure to Note down your requirements that you expect in the accounting software to ensure the usability of the software.

Quickbooks Vs Xero

Quickbooks and Xero Both are equipped with some great features that enhance your accounting experience. however, if you are using Quickbooks Online, then Quickbooks Online Bill Pay service is one of the efficient ways to manage the incoming and outgoing transactions of your business. users can easily monitor the complete cash flow of the business in one place.

Let us begin with a short Introduction about both these tools to better understand the usage and functionality of the tool.

Xero – Cloud Accounting Software

Xero, the Cloud accounting software was introduced by Rod Drury In 2006. It was originally introduced for people who have less accounting knowledge but seek to manage their business in a proper way. There are multiple offices which are situated in the UK, Newzealand, US, Australia, etc. the software is equipped with basic accounting features which makes it a prominent choice for small businesses and startups. The one advantage of this software is that it is best suited for individuals who wanted to track their personal expenses.

Quickbooks Accounting Software

Quickbooks stands among the top best accounting software across the world because of its advanced features and integrated services. the accounting software was introduced by Tom Proulx and Scott cook in 1983. this was specially introduced for small and medium-sized businesses to keep a track of the financial operations in their business with accuracy. The software offers multiple services that include, invoices, pay/manage bills, Bank account synching, etc. By adding your credit card and bank account details, it allows performing reconciliation of the transaction.

Now let us move to the discussion that which software is better in terms of usage and functionality to decide which software Xero Vs Quickbooks is more suitable for your business. we have distinguished between the features of both the software to decide which software is more compatible with your business type.

Comparison Of Quickbooks vs Xero

Xero VS QuickBooks Online

Here we have compared both the software based on features, pricing, usability, user reviews, etc. Consider these factors before choosing the accounting software for your business.



Quickbooks comes in a various plan that can be subscribed based on your requirements form the software. if you are looking for some basic features of accounting then you can pick from the three basic plan that comes in $8/month for early, $12/month for the essential plan and the plus plan. In the early plan will avail your features like tracking of the on-going transactions in your business, 1099 contractors, Sales and Sales tax Management, and create and send estimates to the customers. the essential plans also help to manage 1099 contractors along with invoicing, tax deductions, and accept payments and with the plus plan, the software can be managed among 5 users with features like inventory tracking, Track project profitability, etc.


Xero, Accounting software comes with three exciting plans that will cost $9, $30, $60 for early, growing, and established plans. the early plan will come with some basic features that will allow you to send invoices and Quotes to 5 customers along with services to create up to 5 bills and reconciliation of 20 bank transactions. while the growing plan allows you to send invoices and quotes to the customers along with features like reconciliation, adding bills, etc. the established plan will provide some advanced features to create bills and invoices along with reconciliation features.

Accounting Software Features

When it comes to features, Quickbooks Online comes with more advanced features than Xero. Features like project management and invoice management come handier in Quickbooks then Xero. while features like contact management come more precisely in Xero. Quickbooks Online comes with a more precise and advanced invoicing feature with multiple templates while Xero offers one template that needs to be downloaded or imported to the software. Moreover, Quickbooks And Xero are both Online Cloud software that allows users to manage the business from multiple devices online. they are known for their advanced services and features.


In terms of Usability, Quickbooks is far better than Xero when you are setting up your Quickbooks account. It allows you to import excel files to set up your company file while Xero only allows to add anything using the excel template. However, Xero offers a user-friendly interface to download your required data. But when it comes to customer assistance and support both the software needs to be improved.

1099 Reporting

With all the plans of Xero, you can view the 1099 report along with tracking the payments that have been made to the customers or contractors. Along with this, it allows you to send the 1099 reports and forms through mail and snail-mail.

Income And Expense Forecasting

The Budgeting and Forecasting features are only available in the top-tier plans of the Quickbooks online as compared to Xero. this feature is not available in all the three plans of Xero. It allows you to forecast your budget and expenses of the business.

Third-Party Apps Integration

Quickbooks Online software allows integration of around 600 apps while Xero software can be integrated with around 700 apps. you can add several third-party apps with this accounting software.


Quickbooks is way better than Xero when it comes to creating customized reports. it allows you to access around 80 reports in some clicks. Along with this, it provides customized functions in reports to create invoices with memos and statements, while Xero comes with minimal features to create basic reports.

Inventory Tracking

Both the software allows you to track the items in your inventory. but the inventory tracking features come in the top plans of both the software that includes Online Plus, Xero Premier, and Growing edition. the inventory tracking features come with multiple functionalities to manage the items properly.

Quickbooks Vs Xero TABLE

so this was all about both the Accounting software. It was a detailed comparison of Quickbooks vs Xero to understand which is the best accounting software based on your business requirements. If you are looking for some basic features then you can get Xero while if you are looking for advanced accounting features then you should go for Quickbooks Online. In case, You want some guidance about the software get in touch with professionals.