QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File-How to Fix it?

If QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File, then you might quite frustrated. It could be pretty bothersome when you are unable to access the basic functions on QuickBooks. This blog led you all the possible solutions to troubleshoot ‘QuickBooks is unable to open the company file’ issue. Just go through it.quickbooks won't open company file

Things to remember while troubleshooting:

 Before starting the troubleshooting process, you should make sure that the issue you are facing is with the company file, instead of the program itself.

  • First make sure that you are running the updated version of QuickBooks
  • Press and hold Ctrl key until opening QuickBooks using the desktop icon
  • In case your program is failing to open, then issue is related with QuickBooks desktop, to resolve this, Uninstall the QuickBooks desktop version and reinstall it again.
  • if the program is opening, then proceed

Confirm that only one computer is hosting the company file at the network. Turn off the hosting for all other computers before proceeding.

  • Go to File
  • Tap on Utilities
  • Select the option for quickbooks can't find company file
  • Once you have verified the above steps, Now you may proceed.

Causes behind for “QuickBooks won’t Open Company File”

There are several causes behind for QuickBooks is unable to open Company files. Some of them are given below.

  • If QuickBooks company file is corrupted
  • Same QuickBooks company file has opened on a shared network
  • Using an inappropriate method to open the company related file
  • Using inaccurate QuickBooks version to open files

How to get fixes to “QuickBooks won’t open company file ” issue:

Sol-1: Try to open company-related file directly from QuickBooks Desktop
  • Go to File
  • Tap on Open or quickbooks can't find company file
  • Select the type of file which you wish to open
  • Move ahead to the folder where the file is stored in.
  • Choose the file to open
Sol-2: Inhibit QuickBooks windows open automatically
  • First go to ‘No Company Open window’quickbooks won't open company file
  • Search for your Company file
  • To open the file, ALT key has to pressed and hold
In the case of opening Company file then, 
  • Go to Edit menu
  • Tap on Preferences.
  • In the preferences, select desktop-view.
  • Tap on ‘Don’t save the desktop’ option.
  • Tap on OK option.
Sol-3: Assign a different name for .TLG and .ND file extensions

 First you need to navigate the company file location.

  • Now right-click at the log file of transaction
  • Rename the file OLD.qbw.TLG
  • Now open the renamed Company file
  • QuickBooks automatically create files with the.TLG and.ND extensions
  • Please do not remove these automatically created files, as they might be used to get back your lost data.
Sol-4: Alter the Company file location
  • First create a fresh folder in your C://Drive.
  • Tap to open the QuickBooks quickbooks can't find company file
  • Once you find the company file, Hold the control key on your keyboard while selecting the Company file.
  • Press Right Click on the appropriate company file and choose the copy option.
  • Navigate to the newly created folder and paste the file.
Sol-5: Lookout the extension of File.
  • Go to Company file location where it is stored
  • Press right-click on the company file.
  • Choose the properties option.
  • Make sure the file extension is QuickBooks type.
  • Verify that the file size should be minimum of 7MB
  • Tap on advanced tab
  • Make sure that compress and encrypt option is to be checked
  • Tap on OK 

There are some other solutions you can try if none of them did work for the issue “QuickBooks can’t find company file”. Make sure that you have executed the above solutions already. sometimes while opening the Quickbooks company file you may get a message on the screen that says “Quickbooks has stopped working“. In that case you need to close the Quickbooks software and reboot your system.  

Sol-6: Alter Company file name
  • Open the location where the company file is actually stored
  • Press right click on Company data file
  • Tap on rename utility
  • Alter the name of Company file
  • Make sure that altered updated name should not more than 3 letters
  • In case of.TLG availability, rename it too.
Sol-7: Troubleshoot your QuickBooks desktop installation

quickbooks can't find company file	Move your company file to another system and try to open it there. if it opens, then the issue is with your QuickBooks desktop installation.

To troubleshoot QuickBooks installation:

  • Run the QB install tool
  • Repair your QuickBooks installation
  • fresh QuickBooks desktop Reinstallation

Al l the above steps are risky and can damage your computer system drive. we recommend taking the expert help if you are a newer one. adopting the above solutions still facing “QuickBooks won’t open company file” issue then contact the QuickBooks customer support number to resolve the issue.