Fix Quicken Error OL-221-A

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Quicken Error Ol 22A

While using the Quicken software, you may encounter various errors due to network connectivity or server issues. the Quicken Error OL-221-A occurs due to slow internet connectivity or any server problem. you may encounter this issue while downloading bank transactions in Quickbooks. Hence, the bank server can be one of the reasons behind this error. You can try troubleshooting this error by rebooting your internet connection or by checking whether your bank server is working or not. If you are not much comfortable with technical terms then you can ask help from quicken experts. you will be needed to report your error at the customer assistance team and they will respond to you with the best possible solution.

Quicken Error OL-221-A


If you are a Quickbooks user then there are possibilities that you may encounter this error too. Make sure to keep these things in mind in order to avoid this error. along with this, you can sync square with Quickbooks online to manage your business in a more effective way. it allows you to keep your data in a precise and managed way. Sometimes there are some issues that are being created such as deletion of windows component file or Quicken file by any random program or software can also cause this issue, this may cause an eerror issues such as  Quicken cc 800.

In this blog, we have explained the causes and symptoms of this Quicken error along with how you can troubleshoot this error in simple ways. Before proceeding to the troubleshooting methods let us first examine the causes of this Quicken error.

Effects of Quicken Error OL-221-A

Here are some of the symptoms that you will face when you encounter the Quicken Error OL-221-A.

  •  You will see an error message of Quicken Error on the Screen.
  • While using the Quicken software, your computer will stop responding and freezes.
  • the computer will start lagging while working.
  • the Quicken error will flash on the screen and the running application will crash while running.

Reasons for Quicken Error OL-221-A

  • Due to any network or server issues, the bank stops responding to the quicken requests.
  • Poor Network or any glitches in the network can cause issues in the connection.
  • Bank server can cause this problem.
  • While executing the transaction at Quicken, the bank stop responding.

Troubleshooting Methods of Quicken Error

Step: 1 Financial Institution Update

  • Click on the Quicken Icon to open it and then click on the tools option.
  • Now click on the search option and enter One Step Update summary and hit enter.
  • Now check for the account of the financial institution that is reporting the quicken error OL-221-A.
  • after this open, the accounts register window and then click on the account option.
  • Now click on the update now option to update financial institution.

Step: 2 Check your Internet connectivity

Open your browser and try opening any website to check whether the internet connection is working properly or not. if the website is not opening then you can have to check your Internet connection. you can try fixing the network cables and by restarting your router. if this doesn’t resolve your issue then you can contact your Network provider to resolve this issue.

Step: 3 Disable Malware Firewall

If this even doesn’t resolve your issue then you can try disabling your antivirus or firewall systems. this malware software blocks the connection which causes this error. you can disable the firewall temporarily to create a secure connection and then you can try performing the operation. You can start the antivirus or malware program again once the quicken error has been resolved.

Step 4: Update the details of Financial Institution

Quicken Error OL-221

You might be getting this error because of the wrong financial institution details. you can troubleshoot this error by updating the information of financial institutions in your Quicken Account.

  • Open the quicken software and go to the tools menu.
  • now click on the online center option and click on the financial institution, whose details you want to update.
  • Hold the control key and then press the F3 key.
  • now select the financial institution and then refresh the screen.
  • the status of the financial institution will be changed to “needs updating”.
  • after this, you have to click on send/update and then provide your credentials.
  • after this click on the update now option.

Step: 5 reinstall Quicken Software

If you have tried the above-mentioned method and you are still not able to resolve this quicken error then you can try re-installing the quicken software again to troubleshoot this error. the clean install of the quicken software will resolve the quicken error OL-221-A.Quicken error

  • Open the control panel window and click on the programs and features.
  • Now click on the Quicken software and then click on Uninstall/change.
  • Follow all the instructions in order to complete the process.
  • Now go to the official website and then re-install the quicken software again.
  • after this run the installation file of the quicken software and then complete all the processes.
  • after the restart your system and then try using the software to check whether the error has been resolved or not.

Step: 6 Run a Malware Scan

If you are still not able to resolve the quicken error then you can run a malware scan on your system to remove any malware file or software in your program that is causing this error. if you are unable to resolve this error then you take help from experts.

So these are the ways through which you can troubleshoot the quicken error OL-221-A. if you have been trying to figure out how to troubleshoot this quicken error then you can also take help from technicians. they will provide you the best possible solution to troubleshoot this error.