Quicken File Extensions

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Quicken Error Ol 22A

there are multiple file extensions in Quicken software and the Windows operating system requires a default program in order to open these files. the extensions of files in Quicken software are as follows: .qdf, .qel, .qsd, .qdt, etc. all of these files perform their specific operations. So if you are trying to open a file on your computer and you don’t have the particular component then it might show an error.

QUicken file extension

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List Of Quicken File Extension for Mac, Dos, and Windows

With this blog, you will be able to know about all the file extensions in Quicken software for Mac, Dos, and Windows.  Apart from all these files, the other one only creates the tax file information or Online banking Setup.

Quicken 2015 and Newer Versions

QDF File

this file is also referred with the name Financial Data format as it contains the details about account balances, transactions, portfolios, and other information. if required then you can also use this file format for personal finance operations. .QDF will be the extension of these files and you can find this file in the C: folder.

Software required to Open the .QDF file

You will be required to install the Quicken 2013 version in order to run this file.

QEL File

QEL files are uses to contain completely different information. these files hold the data about the banking institutions list and account setup information. along with this, these files also contain the already downloaded transactions and data. If you have mistakenly deleted this file then it will be created automatically once the connection with the financial institution will be established.

If you are unable to open the .QEL file then makes sure you have the Quicken 2013 version.

While opening the file, if you are getting an error message on your screen that says “Can’t open this file” then you will be required to follow these steps in order to resolve this issue.

  • Click on the start menu and open the control panel option.
  • Now choose the default programs and then click on set associations.
  • Now select the file type from the list and then click on the Change program.File extension in Quicken

QPH file

QPH stands for Quicken price history and this file contains all the information downloaded for Investments purpose. It contains the price record along with the history of all stock prices. In order to open this file, you have to download the quicken 2013 edition.

IDX file

This file is required in the quicken software to increase the searching speed of the software. this file contains the data of Subtitle texts and is saved with >MKC and. AVI extensions. the software required to open these types of files includes Cyber Link Power DVD 12 or the VLC player.

QSD File

the data file in the Quicken software is saved with the .QSD extension and it hold the data about the financial Operations in the software. these files are available in the Quicken 2014 and later versions and are backup up with. QPH, .QEL and .QDF files.

Quicken Win 5 and 6

QDB file

the QDB file stands for the Quicken data backup file that holds the financial data of users. it contains that backup created from quicken 5 and 6. In the later version, the extension of this file has changed to QDF in Quicken 9 and 8. if you are trying to open the .QDB file and you are getting an error message on the screen then do the following to troubleshoot this error.

  • Open the start menu and go to the control panel window.
  • now choose the default programs and then click on Set Associations.
  • Now click on the file and then choose the Change program option.

Quicken Win 3 and 4 (Dos 6-8)

QDT Primary File

this file is also known as the financial data file that is being used in the quicken 3 and 4. In the later version, the QDT file is now known as QDB in 2000, 99, and 98 and now it is referred to as QDF.

QNX file

if you are unable to open the .QNX file then it might be because of the required Microsoft component. if you are getting an error message on the screen while trying to open the file then you can follow these steps to fix this issue.

  • Open the control panel window.
  • Now go to the default programs and select Set association.
  • Now select the file and then choose the change program.

QIX file

In order to open the QIX file, you need to follow these steps in order.

  •  First of all download the required software to run the file.
  • now install the software and set it as default in order to access the files.

QML file

It is one of the language files of the quicken software that is used by QT SDK. this file is used as a framework for mobile, and desktop. In order to develop the components of the file, it stores the source code of the javascript-based QML file.

Quicken file extension

so these were some of the Quicken files extensions. if you are getting an error message while opening a particular file in quicken software then make sure you have the required component in order to execute that file. If you are getting any kind of error while using the quicken software or want to know more about these files then you can contact experts at the quicken community.