Quicken Rental Property Manager Tool

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Quicken is one of the best personal accounting solutions that can help you in managing your personal finances in the best possible way. the Quicken Rental Property manager tool is one of the finest tools that any landlord can use to have ease in managing the finance calculations of the tenants. It is one of the best tools to manage personal finances as well as the complex calculations of business in the most efficient way. we have described below the usage and benefits of the Quicken Rental Property Manager tool in detail.

Quicken Rental Property manager

However, if you are a Quickbooks user then you can use the Quickbooks Online Bill pay service to pay the online bills to your employees and customer. it can help you to manage the transactions of your business with more ease.

Things to Remember Before Getting Started

  • Login your account in Quicken Software.
  • Now link or add the Rental Property in the Quicken House Account.
  • Now add the tenant to the Rental Property.
  • Download or import the data to the quicken software.

Benefits of Quicken Rental Property Manager

  • Total Worth Calculation: the Quicken Rental Property manager tool helps you to keep a track of each and every property you have. the tool will store all the information of the building that includes whether its single or multi-unit residence. the tool will help you to manage your assets in the best possible way as it is the key feature to increase the worth of your property.
  • Tenant Information: It is best to keep the information about your tenants. The Quicken rental manager tool will help you to store all the required information of the tenants you must have. here is the list of the things that the tool will help you to store.
    • Tenants Personal Information
    • Apart from the tenants, the units that are occupied.
    • Rent Reminders.
    • Starting and end Date of Occupancy.
    •  Security Deposits Details
    • Move-in and Move-out Dates.
    • Refunds and Payments.
  • Rental Expense: The tool will allow you to maintain a record of all the expenses and collect from each tenant. the income and expenses graphs are generated based on the sorted list of expenses that will help you to compare your expenses with the rent revenues.
  • Personal Finances: Along with these features, the Property manager tool also allows you to manage your personal finances that include your bank account, transactions, Credit Card account, etc. this way you can easily manage your personal finances also. with the latest release, you will get free access to credit scores and various mobile apps.
  • Tax Season: any change or update in your property that includes replacing or repairing of office roof or degradation of the equipment in the office. It will manage the record of all these things and you can export this data to use in the tax preparation software.

Steps To Add Rental Property in Quicken

Property Manager tool

In order to add a Rental property in Quicken, the first that you will have to do is to inform quicken about it. it will ask you to add the rental property with two options, whether you want to add it as single or multi-unit. after this, you have to provide a name to the rental property along with all the units and then sync this property with a quicken home account. You can follow these steps if you want to add a rental property in Quicken.

  • Open the Quicken software and go to the rental Property Tab.
  • choose the properties and tenants option and then click on the add property option.
  • Now provide all the information about your property that includes its name, address, tag, etc.

Why It Is Necessary to Provide a Name?

the Property name in the rental property manager tool is compulsory and it will help you in the future to claim your property without any confusion. Along with this, its a mandatory field in all the reports that are generated in Quicken software that includes tax planner, tax Schedule report, etc.

How to Add Multi-Unit Property in Quicken

Quicken rental property manager

  • the first that is required to provide a number to each unit.
  • now click on the add option to add more units.
  • it is a must to have one-unit in order to create a multi-unit property.
  • You can also track the property value using the diagnose option.

so these are the ways through which you can use the rental property manager tool to manage and record the expense and rent from your property. The Quicken Rental property tool can be accessed with the Quicken tool and along with this, you can also manage your personal expenses with this tool. if you have any issue while accessing or using this tool then you can ask for guidance from the experts. they are highly-qualified and have hands-on experience on all these technologies so they can provide you the best possible solution.