Quicken Features and Uses

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Are you looking for a financial tool that can help you to manage your personal finances and expenses? If yes then this blog will surely solve your issue. If you go into the market you will get a list of accounting software that can meet your requirements but “Quicken” is the fastest-growing software that can provide you effective results. In order to make the best use of it, you need to understand “What is Quicken” first.

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Quicken Software is designed to manage personal finances by keeping a track of expenses, income, cash flow, etc. it is one of the finest money management cloud accounting software that is being used for managing personal expenses. Along with this, it can be also used to keep a record of finances like handling taxes, renting, investments, etc. 

List Of Quicken Features and Uses:

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Here is the list of top Quicken features that will help you to better understand the functionality of the application.

  • Income and Expense Tracking:

This personal accounting software will offer you to keep track of your income and expense in a perfect manner. Users will have to enter all the expenses and sources of income i.e. salary, rent, internet bill, etc.  these inputs will be used to accumulate the monthly expenses and the cash flow. 

  • Investment:

With the Quicken software, you can make great investments by proper analysis of your income and expenses. With the categorization feature, you will be able to take a precise decision for Investments. With the graphs and the Pie charts, you can understand it better and can also track the performance of your business and can make some good moves to improve the performance and productivity of your business. The investment account feature can be used to predict future investments based on the capital of the businesses.  

  • Account Management:

Here at Quicken, the user can easily manage all the accounts in one place. It allows the user to download all the bank transactions at a simple interface and after that customized charts are prepared which will show exactly how and where your money has been used. With this one can easily perform reconcile operations and can double-check the account balance. 

  • Loan And Taxation Feature:

this feature will allow the user to identify whether the income is taxable or not and with the tax planner, the user can also calculate the tax refund and the burden amount. The Quicken software offers you to generate a complete report which can be very useful in presentations and meetings.

  • Online Banking:

One of the additional features of Quicken is its Online Banking which allows users to access all the banking operations easily. In order to use this feature, an internet connection and some paperwork are required. One additional benefit in this feature is that if your bank supports Online banking then you can make payments in between your accounts and can get statements.

  • Personal Finances:

To make effective savings and investment decisions, Quickens have 5 types of calculators that allow users to make a smart choice. The user will get to calculate the mortgage refinancing, retirement saving calculations, etc. with an accurate value. hence, this tool will help you to understand where you should invest your money to have a great and bright future for sure. 

  • Print Checks:

The print check feature in the Quickens allow users to print check easily. Hence it very easy and quick process to print checks in quicken. The user needs to first examine the check supply information and then select the type of form. Once it is done then just need to order the form.

So if you are looking to use the Quicken software then you must have the knowledge of these features to make the best use of it. If you need to know more about these features in detail then you can contact the expert team of Quickbooks.