While Windows 10 has created the buzz with some of its amazing features, there are still some problems that bother the users. Skype Microphone not working is one of such issues. Video calling is one of the most convenient ways of communication. It makes things a lot easier. Due to the presence of this superb video calling application from Microsoft connecting with our friends and family has become a cake walk.

Skype Microphone Not Working
But like every other software application, it is just obvious that we may have to face errors and glitches with it. If you are facing Skype Microphone Not Working Problem on your computer, then my article will surely help you to fix that.
Troubleshooting becomes a lot easier when we know the exact reason behind the problem we have. That is why before going into some easy resolution, I’ll discuss the reason behind the problem.

What Are The Reasons Behind Skype Microphone Not Working?

There can be various reasons because of which you might have found that your Skype Microphone Not Working on Windows 10.

  • Problem with your internet connection
  • The microphone is not set to on for Skype users
  • Improper Skype audio settings
  • Outdated sound card driver
  • Incorrect setup of the Skype App
  • Skype is down

How To Troubleshoot Skype Microphone Not Working?

Check if You Have the Right Internet Connection

Skype will not work if you don’t have the right internet speed. Try accessing other websites like Google or anything of your choice. If you can’t access those, then be sure the problem is with your internet connection. Try to restart your router and check if it is fixed.

Ensure That The Microphone is Set To On For Skype

You need to set the microphone on for Skype in the Privacy Settings. To do so go to the privacy settings and check whether the access of the Microphone is on for Skype or not.

Reinstall Skype app

In many cases, the app installed on your PC or your mobile can be corrupted by malware or spyware. Merely scanning through the security software can’t give you the solution in such circumstances. Or if you have just upgraded your system to Windows 10, then you can find issues like Skype Not Working on Windows 10 So, what you will do? Nothing special dear, uninstall the app once.

And Install it back. Though the set up needs lots of time, the solution will work most of the time.

Update the Driver Software

To use the Skype app on your computer, it’s mandatory to keep your video and audio driver up to date. And at times the network card driver also needs the update. Updating the driver software can solve the Skype Microphone Not Working issue that you were facing.

Anyway, Guys now it is time to bid a goodbye! Hope the above troubleshooting steps have helped you to resolve your Skype Microphone Not Working issue. For other problems with the Skype app, you can ask for help here through the comment box.

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