Laptop Speakers not Working Windows 10 issues. If that is the case with you as well, then it is a good idea to try our smart IT fixes.

Our dedicated experts have come up with the necessary online tools to help you out. So, if you go for our support and services, you won’t have to do much to get what you require.Laptop speakers not working windows 10

Reasons Behind Laptop Speakers not Working Windows 10

If you are facing sensitive issues in the normal working of the speakers, then there must be some causes.

To learn the possible causes of  audio driver failure, move on to the points below:

  • If the sound card of your system does not work correctly, the speaker gets affected. Again, if the Windows 10 OS has recently updated the audio drivers, it will result in specific changes in the sound function.
  • The fault in the sound cables, speakers or the sound setting may also cause the audio issue to pop up.

We generally recommend making a default set-up of the sound to treat such technical circumstances.

Well, these were the few probabilities that indicate the appearances of the “Laptop Speakers not Working Windows 10” error.

However, we have the ultimate replacements to fix such technical drawbacks. Our solutions will hardly kill your time for we provide the time-bound suggestions.

Resolve  Audio Driver Windows 10 Issues

Here are some easy techniques to satisfy your technical concern. All you have to do is to follow and apply the simple fixes.

Check The Speaker Settings

To do so, firstly, right-click on the sound icon. This option is present in the bottom right corner of your laptop. Then click on the Playback device option.

From the Playback tab, make sure the Speaker option is checked with a green tick. It will indicate that the audio drivers are running under the default setting. If the speaker is not set to default previously, then make it so. And then do the further sound test of your  Windows 10 device.

If you still find the sound alert, then try to make it right by applying different sound formats. Simply, go to the properties section of the Speaker and make the necessary changes.

Check the bit-depth and sample rate of any sound format, then do the test. Continue to execute the process unless you get a functional sound format to match the system.

Uninstall The Audio DriverLaptop speaker not working on windows 10

If the sound driver is malware corrupted or forcefully removed or is incompatible with Windows 10 OS, speakers won’t function properly.

To serve this purpose, it is better to carry out a successful uninstallation of the audio driver.

Press and hold the Windows key and the X key at the same instant to get a shortcut entry into the main menu. Next, from the Device Manager, expand the Sound, Video And Game Controllers option and uninstall the same.

After the confirmation of Uninstall, do check the Delete The Driver Software For The Device section. Click OK to delete the same.

Next, start up your laptop to check if Laptop Speakers not Working Windows 10 problem still exists.

If yes, then you can try out another method of upgrading the pre-installed sound driver to make it compatible with Windows 10 system.

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