Quickbooks Time-Tracking Feature

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Quickbooks is enriched with various features and tools that make it one of the best accounting software to effectively manage your business. the Time-Tracking feature in Quickbooks Desktop allows you to track the working hours of the employee by setting up the employee hours and to add to the invoices, etc.

Quickbooks time tracking

One More Quickbooks feature is the Quickbooks Verify data Utility feature. if you are getting errors because of Damaged company files in Quickbooks software then you can use the Quickbooks Verify Data feature to rebuild the damaged data files to troubleshoot the error. this even secures your data in the error too by creating a backup of the files.

In this blog, we will explain to you how you can use the time tracking feature in Quickbooks and its setup.

Steps to Set Up Time-Tracking in Quickbooks

If you want to use the time-tracking feature in Quickbooks Desktop, then follow these given steps to set up time-tracking in Quickbooks. you need to make sure to follow these steps in order to complete the setup process successfully.

  • Open the Quickbooks software and log in as an Administrator. make sure to access the Quickbooks software in single-user mode.
  • Now choose the edit option and open preferences.
  • Click on the time and expenses option and then open the company preferences tab.
  • now choose the “Yes” option when as do you track time?
  • Now set the day and time when you want to track time Quickbooks software from the drop-down list. Once you will choose the day, it will affect all the timesheets.
  • now click on Ok to save the changes.

Create Timesheets in Quickbooks

Quickbooks time tracking

In order to create Employee payrolls in Quickbooks software, you can use the Quickbooks timesheet data for accuracy.

  • Click
  • provide the time.
  • Provide the terms to track single activity or work hours.

Enter a Weekly Timesheet In Quickbooks

Follow the steps to create a weekly timesheet to track the daily work hours of the employees.

  • Choose the employee and then select the customer.
  • If the working hours are billable then choose either job or service item.
  • mark the billable column and then select the payroll item.
  • Now add a class and WC code based on the preferences.
  • Now click on the day column and enter the working hours.
  • repeat these steps for each hour worked in the week.
  • now click on the save and close option.

Method to Create Time-Data Report in Quickbooks

Create the time data report to track the working hours and daily target of your employees. you can create a time date report by name that will contain the employee name, customer name, working hours and you can use the customized report feature to display the date as well.

Tracking Time in QuickBooks

  • Open Quickbooks and go to reports.
  • Click on Jobs and select the time and mileage option.
  • Choose time by name option and click on customize reports.
  • Now select the items or names that you want to include in your time-data report.
  • Choose the multiple name option from the drop-down list to display multiple items of names.
  • Click on the Ok option to save the changes.

Steps to Set Up Employees for Time-Tracking

  •  open the employee center window and select the employee by double-clicking on it.
  • open the payroll info tab and then mark “Use time data” while creating payroll.
  • Click on Ok to save the changes.

Change Day in Timesheet

  • Click on the edit option and then choose the preferences option.
  • Click on the “time and expense” option and then open the company preferences tab.
  • Select the day from the drop-down list and then click on Ok to save the changes.

This way you can configure the time-tracking feature in Quickbooks Desktop. this feature will help you to create payroll of the employees in a more accurate way by tracking the working hours of the employee. Simply create a timesheet for your employees by choosing the day and the working hours to track the performance of all your employees. If you are unable to set up Quickbooks time-tracking feature then you can get assistance from the experts at Quickbooks. they will make sure to provide you the best guidance.