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Quicken software helps you to manage your financial expenses in the most efficient way, but sometimes you might require to uninstall the Quicken software due to any error while installing the quicken software.

Quicken software is one of the best financial accounting software to manage your business properly. the software is designed for Mac and Windows OS and can perform operations like Finance tracking, creating a budget, transaction history management, balance checker, and manage to spend. However, there are some cases where you might experience crashes or issues while using the quicken software and you might require to re-install the quicken software. hence, you have to uninstall quicken software.

While checking the balance sheet in the QuickBooks software, if the Quickbooks balance sheet out of balance error occurs then try restarting the quickbooks software to troubleshoot the error. try opening the balancesheet again and check whether the error has been resolved or not.

While uninstalling the quicken software from your computer, make sure to create a backup of the company file to avoid any kind of data loss. however, the data will remain stored in the same place but it is better to take precautions. Make sure to follow the uninstall and re-install process properly to enjoy the benefits of the latest release of the quicken software.

Methods to Uninstall Quicken Software

follow these listed methods to uninstall quicken software from Windows and Mac os.

Steps to Uninstall Quicken software in Windows 10

Uninstall Quicken

  • Click on the start button and enter the control panel.
  • open the control panel window and then go to programs and features.
  • now select the quicken software from the list of the programs and then click on the Uninstall/Change option.
  • follow the process and then click on Next to complete the uninstallation process.
  • Click on Finish once the program is uninstalled from the computer.

Uninstall Quicken from Windows 7 and 8

  • Go to the control panel window and click on the uninstall a program option.
  • now select the quicken version you want to uninstall and then choose the uninstall/change option.
  • after this, provide the administrator password and then follow the promoted instruction to complete the process.
  • Click on Finish option once the installation process is completed.

Steps to Uninstall Quicken from Mac OS

Uninstall Quicken from Mac

  • Locate the quicken folder in your application folder.
  • now drag the quicken folder to the trash.

Once the folder will be moved to the trash folder completely, the quicken software will be removed from your computer.

if you are uninstalling the quicken software from the control panel then you can use the QCleanUI tool to process a clean uninstallation of the quicken software. this tool will remove the software completely from your computer.

Even after a patch release, if you are unable to process the installation and installation of the quicken software then you can use the QCleanUI tool to check whether you have performed the re-installation process completely.

How to download the QCleanUI Tool

Uninstall Quicken

the QCleanUI tool can be used in the quicken software to troubleshoot the installation and patching issues in the software. the tool can’t be used to troubleshoot data troubles or to recover the Quicken password.

  • In the beginning, ensure to create a backup of your accounting data in the quicken software.
  • now uninstall the quicken software from the control panel. if you are unable to find the quicken software on the list then follow the next steps.
  • now create a new folder and then save the MSICLEAN.exe file to the new folder.
  • now choose the QCLEANUI.exe and then save it in the new folder.
  • Now run the QCleanUI tool and click on clean all version.
  • now press the quit option to close the QcleanUI tool.

We assume that you are able to uninstall the quicken software from your Windows and Mac computer now. You need to follow these methods depending upon the OS you are using for the Quicken accounting software. if while re-installing the quicken software, if you have encountered any issue then you can use the QcleanUI tool to resolve the installation issues. Along with this, you can connect with professionals if you are unable to process the uninstallation process.