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QuickBooks comes with lots of features and functionalities that help you to manage your business in the most perfect way. QuickBooks Payroll service is one of the features of QuickBooks that offers you to manage all the financial transactions related to your business. however, in order to install and activate the QuickBooks payroll service, you will require the Quickbooks payroll service key which is lined with the EIN(employer identification number) and your payroll. hence in order to use the Quickbooks payroll service, you will require the payroll service key.

Quickbooks payroll service key

We have explained below what are its limitations and uses and how you can edit or update the Quickbooks payroll service key and the Employer identification number.

Limitations of Quickbooks Payroll Service

  • The payroll service can be accessed from the registered Quickbooks desktop.
  • If you have multiple companies then you can use the single payroll service.
  • you might get an issue while using multiple files in Quickbooks using the same EIN number. the Quickbooks error will state that the quickbooks payroll service can be accessed only using a Unique EIN.
  • You can multiple Quickbooks accounts using the same payroll service if you use the direct deposit method to pay wages to your employees.
  • While using the payroll service for multiple companies make sure you have the same administrator and contact information for each company.

Steps to Edit/Update Quickbooks Payroll Service Key

If you have purchased the Quickbooks payroll service online, then you might have received a 16-digit payroll service key which is synced with your Quickbooks payroll service and the EIN. you have to update the 16-digit key into your Quickbooks payroll account in order to activate the payroll service.

Step: 1 Find Your Service Key

  • the Quickbooks payroll service will be sent to your registered email when you purchase the Quickbooks payroll service.
  • In case, if you haven’t got your service key then you can use intuit’s automated service key retrieval tool. there are cases where the retrieval tool may cause an error.
    • you have applied for multiple payroll services.
    • If you have bought the Quickbooks payroll service from a retailer store.
    • you have provided the wrong mobile number.

Step: 2 Go to Quickbooks Payroll Service Window

  • Now open the quickbooks software and then open the employee’s option.
  • Now go to the payroll service option and then click on enter payroll service key option.
  • while if you are trying to edit the Quickbooks payroll service then:
    • open quickbooks software and then select employees.
    • open my payroll service and then click on manage service key option.

Quickbooks payroll service key

Step: 3 Insert Quickbooks Payroll Service Key

  • Now if you have to click on the add option if you want to add a new payroll service. after listing the payroll service, it will be visible in the blue box.
  • If you have an existing payroll service in quickbooks and you want to edit the payroll service key then you have to click on the edit option. the payroll service will be visible in the box.

Quickbooks payroll service key

  • Now you have to enter the service key in the box.
  • enter the payroll service key in the service key section and then click on the next option to finish the process.

Quickbooks Payroll service key

  • now click on the Ok option.
  • now check whether the quickbooks payroll service is active on your device or not.
  • Now click on the OK option to save all the changes.
  • while, if you want to update or remove the Quickbooks payroll service key then you can follow the given steps:
    • Go the payroll window and then click on the remove option from the page.
    • after getting the confirmation message click on the Ok option.

Steps to Add EIN Number into Quickbooks Payroll Service

  • double-click on the quickbooks icon to open the quickbooks software.
  • Now open the employee’s option and open the payroll service page.
  • open an existing payroll service window by clicking on “Use my existing payroll service” option.
  •  Click on the account maintenance tab and then click on add EIN option.
  • after this choose the option “add to subscription”.
  • after this, you have to provide the EIN number along with your business information.
  • Click on the next option and then you will see the review information window on your screen.
  • go to the next option to add a new EIN number without any hidden or additional charges in quickbooks.
  • after this, a specific service key will be generated for this EIN number in Quickbooks.
  •  now you have to add this service key to another company file.
  • open the employee’s options and select payroll service.
  • click on manage service key and then click on add.
  • insert the newly generated payroll service key in the box and click next.

this way you can generate the quickbooks payroll service key and then you can edit or update the service key in quickbooks payroll. Make sure to keep this payroll service key safe in case you are trying to transfer quickbooks to a new computer. this key will be required to activate the payroll service on your new computer. you can connect with the quickbooks expert team if you are not able to edit your quickbooks payroll service key. they will help you with the best possible solution to avoid any Quickbooks error.