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Quickbooks provides the best accounting solutions for small and medium-sized businesses to manage their financial transaction in a better and convenient way. Intuit merchant services are one the best functionality of Quickbooks that offers to process all the transactions effectively. the Quickbooks offers you various services which also includes debit and credit card payments as low as 1.5%. Along with all these things, With the merchant services intuit you will also get E-commerce support, Invoicing, ACH payments, etc. at a good and reasonable price. The Intuit community is working really well to improve payment processing. However, because of the availability of various options, it becomes a problem.

Quickbooks merchant services

these options are varied on the basis of the version of Quickbooks you are using. the Quickbooks software is available in four different versions that are Online, POS, Desktop, and Mobile.

Features of Intuit Merchant Services

Quickbooks Integration

The intuit merchant services are designed to process all the Quickbooks processings and transactions. you can avail of this feature with all the versions of Quickbooks. with this, you can accept all the payment in online mode with debit, credit, or ACH online. whenever you will make a sale, the payment integration feature will operate automatically and update the invoice and books.


This feature offers to solve various payment related issues. you can make these invoices according to your preference and can even set the mode of payment in which you want to accept the payment from your customers. the customers can online check the due or outstanding amount and can verify to ensure that the value is correct.  and once the customer will make the payment, the merchant will be notified and the invoice will be marked as paid.


With the Quickbooks Desktop, now you can process the checks from your home. you won’t need to go to the bank every time. the payment and the invoices will be auto-updated in 2-3 days.


With the EMV ready merchant account, you will be able to avoid the cost due to any kind of failure while making the payment using the credit card.

Mobile and E-commerce Payments

With the Gopayment mode, it will be easier to process the payments over the mobile.  you can receive payments at your phone using the credit card and can connect to various shopping marts. along with this, this model comes with a 128-bit SSL security to ensure a safe and secure payment gateway.

Intuit Merchant services

Quickbooks Online Payments

this mode of payment is available for the Quickbooks Online. the QB online users can use the Quickbooks online payment method to process the transactions.

  • with this plan, you can set a reminder for the recurring payments, invoices along with this you can accept payments with debit and credit cards with the sales receipt.
  • the QB online version can be used over the mobile and you can integrate the Gopayment feature to receive the payments.
  • in this version, the process rate of the transactions is very low.

Quickbooks desktop payments

you might get some issue while receiving payments with the Quickbooks desktop version because of some synching issues of Gopayment with the Quickbooks Desktop.

  • with this version, you can receive payments with swiped transactions.
  • you will be charged $1 for ACH transaction in the Quickbooks desktop version.
  • you can increase the invoices and receipts from the customer’s catalog.

Quickbooks Point of Sale

  • With this tool, you won’t be required to enter any kind of data. it is a fully automated software that will generate the invoices.
  • This version can be integrated easily with the Quickbooks Desktop version.
  • You won’t be able to do ACH transfers with this version of Quickbooks.

Quickbooks GoPayment


Quickbooks error

  • this mode can be integrated into Quickbooks Online to receive payments online.
  • with this, you can collect taxes and tips.

intuit merchant services offer you to process the transactions in a safe and secure environment. you also use the Quickbooks Web connector tool to gather all the information from third-party applications. If you need any kind of assistance regarding Quickbooks software then you can contact the Quickbooks Expert team.