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In order to reach a great height in business, you have to make some precise decision by having a perfect tracking of your finances, daily reports, adding services and managing all the transactions. Good accounting software can be a good choice and Quickbooks Can be the best option on the list. Quickbooks is the best financial tool that can be used to manage all business expenses and transactions.what is quickbooks

This accounting software can fit both small and mid-sized businesses with multiple features that can manage all the organizational needs like taxes, sales, reports and many more. This accounting software is introduced by Intuit and to make better use of it you first have to understand its important features and functionalities. 

Quickbooks Features and Functionalities:what is quickbooks online

It offers you to migrate your data to the spreadsheets easily. This helps users to better understand the data. 

  • User-Friendly: The accounting software makes it easier for the user to manage their financial expenses easily. The intuitive interface is designed for both small and mid-sized businesses. 
  • Plain– Sailing Process: This feature helps to keep a track of the business. It is very easy to learn the operations of this software. 
  • Transaction: The accounting software will keep a record of all the transactions of commissions, salary, wages, expenses, etc. 
  • Invoice: This feature will allow the users to create invoices from their smartphones, laptops or tablets. 
  • Taxation: The Quickbooks accounting software will allow you to calculate the value of taxation in a proper and effective way.
  • Business Projections: This feature enables the Quickbooks users to easily generate future projections. It allows generating reports with sales, profits, expenses, etc. 

Versions Of Quickbooks Software:

  • Quickbooks Self-employed: This version of Quickbooks is best for people with small-sized businesses life freelancers, uber drivers, etc. With internet connectivity, the user can access the software from anywhere in the world. This advanced software is developed specifically for self-employed and freelancers. You will get to choose between two versions here either the Self-employed or Self-employed tax bundle.

Quickbooks Self Employed

  • Quickbooks Online: Quickbooks Online is introduced to meet some specifics needs of the businesses. The advanced accounting software helps to save time by automation and by simplifying complex tasks like bank reconciliation. The Quickbooks Online version is available in three stages i.e. simple start, essentials and plus. It helps the user to reduce the time to manage their financial expenses.Quickbooks online
  • Quickbooks Desktop Products: This version of Quickbooks is best suited for a business that requires complex inventory requirements. The Quickbooks Desktop versions have a list of varieties of features that makes it a prominent choice. It comes in four different levels.

Quickbooks Desktop

  • Quickbooks Apps: With the Quickbooks Apps you can link your Quickbooks Software to manage all your data easily. You can easily share the data between the software and the app to save a lot of time. There are various add-ons are also available that can be used to save your time and to perform operations. You can get the Quickbooks Payroll and Quickbooks Point of Sale feature by paying additional fees to keep perfect track of the inventory.

quickbooks apps

Hence, we have reached the conclusion that Quickbooks is the best available option when we are looking for an accounting tool. This tool helps to run your business smoothly by managing all the financial operations of the business. You will find some more additional features in its latest 2020 update. The latest edition of Quickbooks will offer enhanced features to its users.

I hope this article has helped you to understand about Quickbooks online. If you wish to know more about its specifications and features then you can contact Quickbooks Expert team.